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SEM, GDN, KOL Marketing

With over 30 years of expertise, EVE LOM believes flawlessly clean and gently exfoliated skin is the beginning of all. To highlight its brand characteristic, create top-of-mind awareness, we design a set of services - enhancing website’s visibility, displaying products on digital platforms and collaborating with KOLs.

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Search Engine Marketing

By bidding on brand name, product names and related keywords, we can ensure EVE LOM and its products can pop up when people are browsing through the internet.

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Google Ad

With the help of Google Display Network, the world’s largest and most personalized display advertising system, you can reach much more audience than on any another digital platform. Display ads appear on a tremendous amount of websites with various dimensions and formats. There’s always one ad can hit your target customers. 

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KOL Marketing 

Aside from inviting a famous artist as the brand endorser, working with local influencers as the brand ambassadors can establish a closer image for their customers. People find it intimate and real when reading the reviews from influencers. This strategy is especially applicable to beauty products as users value products’ quality and trust online reviews.

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