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Integrated marketing

With its patent align technology, Invisalign has revolutionised the orthodontic industry - from 3D printing technology to new align materials. Trusted by more than 8 million people worldwide, Invisalign endeavours to change lives with better smiles. To help the brand maintain its leading position in the market, we take care of it in every aspect.


Branding video production

A good video breeds from a creative idea that is fresh, impressive and substantive. When it comes to execution, having a well-established celebrity network is definitely gilding the lily.


Social management

Having a specific technology to promote with, we include user experience, giveaways, brand and product education in our daily posts - being informative and engaging in all perspectives. 

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It's the close relationship between online and offline marketing brings customers to their purchases. Beyond brand image, campaigns and events draw customers to your face. 


Online promotion campaign

Google display advertising is the essential part of digital marketing. An attractive advertisement that has been placed rightly can drive unexpected traffic to the destined webpages and so does conversions.

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