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What we offer

From head to toe, we offer what is truly means by integrated marketing services

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Creative idea

How to distinguish yourself from the crowd in this era of information explosion?  Creativity is king. Appealing content catches eyeballs and delivers clear messages. Converted into words, visuals and videos, a great idea can be used in a versatile way.


Performance marketing 

We enhance your website or account's visibility by utilising your brand materials on search engines and social media platforms. It grants you the freedom to control the budget and optimise the results. You can only pay for specific actions that contribute to your campaign goals.


Celebrities & KOL network

To accurately locate and access your target customers, celebrities and key opinion leaders (KOL) of all kinds in Hong Kong and SEA region are highly effective to build trust and trigger purchases.


Digital solution

From offline to online marketing, there is a long way to go. Whatever your brand needs: CRM, EDM, SEO, tracking pixels, a brand new website or a perfect e-commerce platform, we can all help.


Social management

To build up and manage your community is the best way to maintain brand exposure and image. With thorough market research and competitor analysis for brand positioning, we create and schedule engaging content, and finally aim to increase and consolidate your fan base.


China Marketing

We offer the bridge into this emerging market - Baidu, WeChat, Weibo, TikTok, Xiaohongshu and any platform you can name. From optimisation and marketing on searching engine, to advertising content on social platforms, we can find best placements for your best content.

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